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"World War Three - Part Two": As the explosive decompression of the Watchtower is counter-acted by automatic systems, Huntress' life is flashing before her eyes. She is close to death when she is rescued by [[Kal-El (New Earth)|Supe

Quote1 Earth is under attack from killer space-bees? Just when you think there can't possibly be anyting funny about interstellar warfare, huh? Quote2
-- Plastic Man

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Synopsis for "World War Three - Part Two"

As the explosive decompression of the Watchtower is counter-acted by automatic systems, Huntress' life is flashing before her eyes. She is close to death when she is rescued by Superman, who shares breath with her as he takes her back inside.

As the villains' plan unfolds, Batman realises something is wrong when Oracle goes offline: at her clocktower HQ, she is being taunted by Prometheus. Their conversation continues, until he offers her a choice - shut down her equipment and join him, and he can make her walk again. However, she refuses the offer, causing him to throw her through the clockface, lamenting that "all his dates end this way". She damages his helmet in the exchange, and he wrecks her computers before teleporting out. However, rather than falling to her death, Oracle survives by clinging onto one of the hands of the clock.

Luthor is gloating: the Watchtower is gutted, they control power and all teleport links in and out. The League is scattered, and the Injustice Gang is ready to mop up. Prometheus worries that they might be enjoying themselves more than they should for some reason, but gets no response from his teammates. Since his new helmet is wrecked, he will use the old one, which he stole back from the Justice League.

Superman and Steel are fighting the General. However, he defeats them and bites off Steel's hand. While Steel is incapacitated from the pain, Queen Bee doses him with her psycho-pollen, turning him into one of her drones. She also activates her equipment, summoning her swarm of spaceships. In the Watchtower, Huntress orders Plastic Man to find the rest of the team while she finds someone in charge. However, the first person she meets is Green Lantern, who has also become one of Queen Bee's drones. However, once she appeals to his sense of heroism, he regains his wits. He goes back through the kitchens, where the Injustice Gang came through. There, he finds the portal to their headquarters, where Lex Luthor sits as a strange organism grows around him...

Meanwhile, Orion has joined Metron, Wonder Woman, and Big Barda, as their journey along Mageddon's path of destruction has led them to a destroyed world whose occupants fought "until the last weapon melted in the last hand". They have not caught up with Mageddon, who is approaching Earth.

On the Moon, the General has fought Superman to a standstill. Prometheus has ambushed Huntress, and the global television news are aready saturated with talk of war. In this time, only two bright spots exist: the arrival of Martian Manhunter, preparing to telepathically co-ordinate his teammates, and the arrival of Batman, preparing to fight Prometheus.


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