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"The Tenth Circle, Part Two: The Enemy Within": Superman is under the control of the Crucifier and the rest of the Justice League are on the look out for missing children. Green Lantern finds a group of back alley kids being loaded into a va

Quote1 Score one for objective reality. Quote2
-- The Atom

Appearing in "The Tenth Circle, Part Two: The Enemy Within"

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Synopsis for "The Tenth Circle, Part Two: The Enemy Within"

Superman is under the control of the Crucifier and the rest of the Justice League are on the look out for missing children. Green Lantern finds a group of back alley kids being loaded into a van by more purple robed henchmen of the Crucifier. They manage to get away and before Green Lantern can give chase the Doom Patrol intervene and reveal that they were planning a sting operation before Green Lantern intervened. Negative Man chase after the van while Green Lantern retreats to the Watchtower.

Later at the Watchtower the League convene and discuss of their investigation. Wonder Woman reveals the symbol found by the Flash is actually the symbol of the Tenth Circle, an ancient cult of vampires that battled the Amazons thousands of years ago. At the same time the Atom battles mysterious magical anti-bodies within Manitou's seeing stones.

Superman returns to the Crucifier's castle with Faith. Then the vampire sends Superman back to the Watchtower to sabotage his teammates' efforts to find the missing children. Wonder Woman shows Superman the scrolls that the legend of the vampire cult is printed on and when Wonder Woman's back is turned he burns the scrolls up with his heat vision.

In Gotham City Batman discovers a detective defacing the crime scene where one of the missing girl's dead body was found. When Batman confronts him the detective pulls out a gun and shoots him. Two purple robed figures step from the shadows and stand over the wounded Batman.


  • This book was first published on March 31, 2004.
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