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JSA: All Stars Vol 1 1


JSA: All Stars Vol 1 1

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"Legacy": On a plane headed towards prison, Sand speaks with Icicle about potentially turning a new leaf in his life. Suddenly, the plane is attacked by the Injustice Society. The plane crashes, f

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Synopsis for "Legacy"

On a plane headed towards prison, Sand speaks with Icicle about potentially turning a new leaf in his life. Suddenly, the plane is attacked by the Injustice Society. The plane crashes, freeing Icicle.

The JSA respond to the call to help Sand battle the Injustice Society. The long-standing members,Sentinel, Hawkman, Wildcat, and Flash. are each targeted and struck with a circular disk that attaches to their chest. They are then de-materialized, except for Sand who turns to glass. The Injustice Society retreats having accomplished their goal.

The JSA return to their headquarters and discuss how they could find their lost members. Specter appears and explains the Injustice Society has a new leader named Legacy. He explains he knows where Legacy's lair is, but before he can take them there, they must get rid of their emotional baggage. Legacy is an emotional parasite and will be fed by their insecurities.

Elsewhere, Specter gloats about his power but sudden transforms himself to be Legacy. the Spectre hangs behind him as he stands over the fallen JSA members.


  • This book was first published on May 7, 2003.
  • This issue was reprinted in JSA Omnibus Vol. 1


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