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JSA: The Liberty File Vol 1 1

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"Brother, Can You Spare a Mind?": In Egypt, 1942, the Bat has been ordered to work with two new partners, the Clock and the Owl, as a group codenamed the Unholy Three. Their mission is to find Jack the Grin, a smuggler who has stolen information about an unidentified German secret weapon. They a

Quote1 We will burn this place and drag your body behind a car through the streets. Good evening. Quote2
-- The Bat

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Synopsis for "Brother, Can You Spare a Mind?"

In Egypt, 1942, the Bat has been ordered to work with two new partners, the Clock and the Owl, as a group codenamed the Unholy Three. Their mission is to find Jack the Grin, a smuggler who has stolen information about an unidentified German secret weapon. They are in a race with the Germans, who are also looking for Jack to recover the plans. They succeed and discover the German weapon is an "Übermensch".


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