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JSA Classified Vol 1 4


JSA Classified Vol 1 4

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"Power Trip (Part IV of IV)": Psycho Pirate captures Power Girl and holds her captive in her star ship in Kansas City. He entertains her by delivering a retelling of his own origin, then follows it up by revealing Power Girl's true origin.

Quote1 Tortured, heh. Driven mad, as many said. Mad from all the years of strip-mining feelings from everyone else. Drinking in their sorrow and anger and laughter. But I'm not crazy. Not really. Quote2
-- Psycho-Pirate

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Synopsis for "Power Trip (Part IV of IV)"

Psycho Pirate captures Power Girl and holds her captive in her star ship in Kansas City. He entertains her by delivering a retelling of his own origin, then follows it up by revealing Power Girl's true origin. Power Girl is actually from the pre-Crisis, Earth-Two reality. She is the daughter of Zor-L and Allura In-Z of the city of Kandor on Krypton, making her the cousin of the Superman of Earth-Two. Since the event known as the Crisis, Power Girl's body has been displaced from one reality to this one and she was provided with false memories of her origin. Her subconscious mind however maintains a mental tether to the Earth-Two reality. Power Girl begins experiencing a wash of Earth-Two memories including her friendship with the Earth-Two versions of Robin and the Huntress.

Power Girl freaks out and disperses Psycho Pirate's influence from her mind. She destroys the Medusa Mask ending his threat. Psycho Pirate returns to his lair to lick his wounds and consult with Lex Luthor. According to Luthor, everything is going according to plan.

Power Girl returns to JSA headquarters to have a talk with Ma Hunkel. After which, she flies off into the afternoon sky in search of her identity.


  • This book was first published on October 26, 2005.
  • This is the final issue of the Power Trip story-arc.
  • The flashback scenes to the Earth-Two Krypton wrongfully uses the modern-day Kryptonian language, on the monitors, as opposed to pre-crisis Kryptonese.


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