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JSA Vol 1 11

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"Split": Terri Rothstein sits on a plane chatting with the patron next to her. Kobra appears on the plane's monitors and explodes the plane killing all on-board.

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Synopsis for "Split"

Terri Rothstein sits on a plane chatting with the patron next to her. Kobra appears on the plane's monitors and explodes the plane killing all on-board.

Director Bones reveals that Harold Jordan is being held captive by Kobra. He is being forced to explode electronics that he commands and is now holding the world hostage. His power is being amplified by a series of high-tech satellites. He informs them Jordan is being held on Blackhawk Island.

When the original Star-Spandled Kid, Sylvester Pemberton, walks into the room and announces he hasn't died, they all are shocked as he had died years previously. Hourman postulates this is most likely due to Extant messing with the time-stream. Sand orders them to split into two groups to attack Extant and Kobra separately.

Later as the JSA infiltrate Blackhawk Island, they run into Mister Terrific who helps them take down Kobra thugs. Sand slips through the walls with his silicon-based phasing and finds Jordan. Catalyst appears behind Sand and manipulates his molecules in a way that Sand cannot move. Kobra turns on his broadcast as he tells the people of the world he's about to execute the chairman of the JSA on live television as he shoots a laser at Sand.



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