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"The Blood-Dimmed Tide": At Blackhawk Island, Kobra gloats as he has finished Sand and has started the sequence to use Air Wave's powers to destroy all the major cities in the world. After w

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Synopsis for "The Blood-Dimmed Tide"

At Blackhawk Island, Kobra gloats as he has finished Sand and has started the sequence to use Air Wave's powers to destroy all the major cities in the world. After watching Kobra gloat, Catalyst runs away as he realizes the man is crazy.

Mister Terrific and Doctor Mid-Nite arrive and destroy the device containing Air Wave. Mr. Terrific scuffles with Kobra, but looses track of him when he's temporarily blinded by a neuro-toxic spit. As he exits, Kobra initiates a self-destruct sequence.

Air Wave takes the opportunity to zip around to all the satellites Kobra was using to attack the cities of the wold and destroy them.

As Kobra begins his escape in a plane. Atom-Smasher increases his size to unstable levels to stop him. He screams bloody murder at Kobra for killing his mother.[1] The JSA members worry about Al's stability. Starman flies up to Atom Smasher's level and talks him off the cliff, telling him he doesn't want the murder of Kobra to taint the memory of his mother for the rest of his life. Atom Smasher shrinks back down to normal size without killing Kobra.

In the lab. Mr. Terrific reveals to Dr. Mid-Nite that Sand is ok. He used a holographic image to hide Sands real location so Kobra didn't actually blast him earlier.[1]

The JSA escape the self-destruct sequence of the island aboard their plane, but Sand uncovers a sign that states the plane is owned by the DEO.

Upon returning to JSA Headquarters, the JSA confront Director Bones about his entanglement with Blackhawk Island and he admits it was an investment opportunity for his organization. He was transporting materials and metahumans through the island.

They are interrupted by Hourman's Timeship crashing. Metron stumbles out telling them their universe will end in 13 seconds if they don't come with him.



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