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in: Mike Carlin/Executive Editor, Andrew Robinson/Cover Artist, Geoff Johns/Writer Stephen Sadowski/Penciler, Michael Bair/Inker, John Kalisz/Colourist, Ken Lopez/Letterer, Peter Tomasi/Editor, Stephen Wacker/Editor, Justice Society of America (New Earth)/Appearances, Albert Rothstein (New Earth)/Appearances, Teth-Adam (New Earth)/Appearances, Dinah Laurel Lance (New Earth)/Appearances, Hector Hall (New Earth)/Appearances, Pieter Cross (New Earth)/Appearances, Jason Garrick (New Earth)/Appearances, Kendra Saunders (New Earth)/Appearances, Michael Holt (New Earth)/Appearances, Sanderson Hawkins (New Earth)/Appearances, Alan Scott (New Earth)/Appearances, Courtney Whitmore (New Earth)/Appearances, Ted Grant (New Earth)/Appearances, Carter Hall (New Earth)/Appearances, Zihn Tarak (New Earth)/Appearances, Onimar Synn (New Earth)/Appearances, Dark Wingmen (New Earth)/Appearances, Krypt (New Earth)/Appearances, Phade (New Earth)/Appearances, Thanagar/Appearances, Thalrassa/Appearances, Claw of Horus/Appearances, Nth Metal/Appearances, Comics, 2001, 2001, July, 2001, May (Publication), JSA Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

JSA Vol 1 24


JSA Vol 1 24

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"Icarus Fell": Hawkman rejoices with his below JSAers at his return. They are soon interrupted when the Dark Wingmen attack.

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Synopsis for "Icarus Fell"

Hawkman rejoices with his below JSAers at his return. They are soon interrupted when the Dark Wingmen attack.

Sand gives them orders and forms a defensive plan. Hawkgirl aids her resurrected love Hawkman but resists when he calls her, "Sheira." Onimar Synn uses his powers to counter Doctor Fate, Sand, and Flash's powers. They are struck by a flash of white light ending the fight.

They wake up to find themselves in a prison made of Nth Metal Synn has brought them the the floating city of Thalrassa. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are brought to the edge tied together by rope. They peer over the edge to see an arid desert below. Synn informs them he has executed thousands of their high council members at this spot and will do the same to them. They are then pushed off the edge and fall towards the desert below.


  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback JSA: The Return of Hawkman.
  • This issue was reprinted in JSA Omnibus Vol. 1


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