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JSA Vol 1 28

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"Face-Off": Atom wakes up next to Black Adam. He feels like he was hit by a train and realizes he's been transported to a holding pen. Suddenly, the gates are flung open and they walk into a Colosseum-like arena. [[Veronica Sinclair (New Ear

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Synopsis for "Face-Off"

Atom wakes up next to Black Adam. He feels like he was hit by a train and realizes he's been transported to a holding pen. Suddenly, the gates are flung open and they walk into a Colosseum-like arena. Roulette has them introduced and pumped with aggressive drugs to cause them to fight gladiator style. Roulette' right hand man, Tap, reveals to fellow fan that he is secretly betting on Atom and can control their power levels.

Meanwhile, Mister Terrific wakes up and finds himself strapped into a human-sized chess set as the King. Roulette walks in and gently flirts with him. She then informs him he'll be facing off in a death-match chess game against Dr. Mid-Nite and walks off.

She struts through a room with plaques of famous dead heroes and tells Tap she's going to need some more wall space.

Sand wakes up and finds Hawkman protecting him from a grizzly lion. When he is able to stand, they are informed by Roulette that Hawkgirl is being held in a nearby cave. They both have been poisoned and Kendra has enough antidote for one. They split up to find her. Later, Hawkman finds Sand's helmet and is suddenly attacked by a large bat.



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