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"Old Souls": The rest of the JSA arrive at the hospital, but Mordru escapes when the team realizes they could potentially harm the baby.

Quote1 Whatever I envision happens. And right now, buddy, I'm seeing you six feet under! Quote2
-- Sentinel

Appearing in "Old Souls"

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Synopsis for "Old Souls"

The rest of the JSA arrive at the hospital, but Mordru escapes when the team realizes they could potentially harm the baby.

Hawkgirl introduces herself and the team learns more about Mordru from Hourman. The android reveals that the sorceror was never born and shall never die -- possessing a timeline without end.

Scarab arrives at Doctor Fate's Tower to obtain Fate's artifacts of power, but is quietly followed by Star-Spangled Kid. Mordru, carrying the Fate-Child, enters the tower and strips Scarab of his power. Before he can awaken the power within Fate's artifacts, he is distracted by Star-Spangled Kid and soon by the rest of the JSA. As the team battles Mordru, Star-Spangled Kid is summoned by the spirit of Kent Nelson inside Fate's Amulet of Anubis. Inside she learns Kent Nelson lives inside eternally. Kent tells her to place Scarab's Scarabaeus on the child's chest.

After returning to the Fray, Courtney grabs the Scarabaeus and leaps towards the child. Upon touching him, he is instantly transformed into the new Doctor Fate.


  • Appearing in the environment of Fate's amulet are Kent Nelson, his wife Inza, three children, and a dog. The identities of the children and the dog are unknown, if they ever existed.


  • Time does not exist within the boundaries of Doctor Fate's Tower.

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