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JSA Vol 1 30


JSA Vol 1 30

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"Let the Games Begin, Part 2: Fair Play": Hawkman dispatches of the bats attacking him. He begins to feel the affects of the venom slowing his body down.

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Synopsis for "Let the Games Begin, Part 2: Fair Play"

Hawkman dispatches of the bats attacking him. He begins to feel the affects of the venom slowing his body down.[1]

In the gladiator arena, Atom is about to snap Black Adam's neck. He realizes he's not a killer and releases him. Tap suddenly realizes the aggressors must be wearing off as they're not uses to fights lasting longer than 5 minutes. The bets are neutralized as it is a draw. The House releases the hellhounds from Apokolips. Adam and Al throw the hound into the stands causing chaos. Tap accidentally releases their power limitations in the commotion.

In the chess match, Mister Terrific discovers a way to end the match in a stalemate. During the board reset, they break out of their holding chairs. They head to the command center and begin hacking the controls to locate the other JSA members.

Sand emerges from the wall and releases Hawkgirl from her chains. He tells her to rush to Hawkman as he needs the antidote. As she gives Hawkman the antidote, he urges her to help Sand instead. Sand tells him that he should be fine as long as he remains in his silicon form.

The JSA members revolt and raise the facility to rubble. Roulette emerges and sends them back to New York City. She makes several calls about rebuilding the place and promises the JSA will return as she stares at a photo of the original Mr. Terrific.



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