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JSA Vol 1 34


JSA Vol 1 34

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"Stealing Thunder, Part 2: Troublestruck": Icicle recalls his childhood and loosing his mother to hypothermia. He took up the mantle of becoming a criminal like his father before him. There was one thing his father always told him, to never work with the good guys

Quote1 You know that's the dumbest thing one of us 'Super-Villains' can do. Help out the spandex clan. Quote2
-- Icicle

Appearing in "Stealing Thunder, Part 2: Troublestruck"

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Synopsis for "Stealing Thunder, Part 2: Troublestruck"

Icicle recalls his childhood and loosing his mother to hypothermia. He took up the mantle of becoming a criminal like his father before him. There was one thing his father always told him, to never work with the good guys. Yet, he thinks about here he is working with the JSA as his only hope of surviving.

Rick Tyler and Power Girl protest letting Icicle work with JSA. Crimson Avenger knocks him down and holds a gun on him. Before she can fire he squeaks out that in this new world Superman is one of the bad guys. They all freeze realizing the threat and let him up. Hourman agrees to let him join and tells him to create an aura of ice above them to shield them from telepaths and detection. He tells the others he's been watching the Ultra-Humanite operation for the past six months and has a plan. He shows them the Braincap placed on the back of the necks of the heroes. It allows the telepaths to control their actions, but not gain their experience, in battle. He proposes they disrupt the mindsweepers which will disable the braincaps with a device he's invented. They all agree to break into the Emerald City fortress to free the telepaths and break their hold on the heroes.

At the Emerald City, Ultra-Humanite gloats over Alan Scott who he has tied up in a device that powers the city with his green flames. He tells Scott he's created a world without disease or crime, how could it possible be improved? Alan replies that it lacks free will. Suddenly, Wildcat is escorted in by Gorillas. Ultra-Humanite asks why he's the only one that has been able to resist his telepaths. Wildcat defiantly jokes about it being Humanite's B.O. He is severely beaten by the telepathically controlled heroes and locked up to be interrogated later.

Ted is thrown in a prison cell with Doctor Fate. Hector tells him he's afraid to use his powers as he would be taken over and controlled when they see his strength. He fears he lacks the training his predecessors before him possessed. He reveals he does have one of Doctor Mid-Nite's Blackout Bombs. They begin concocting an escape plan.

Meanwhile, the JSA break into the Emerald City and find the room with the telepaths. Hourman suddenly has a vision of Jakeem Williams dying by The Ray and Firestorm. He immediately activates his Miraclo in an attempt to curb the event. He orders Captain Marvel to begin freeing the telepaths but is suddenly stopped by the heroes under the telepaths controls.


  • This book was first published on March 20, 2002.
  • This issue was reprinted in JSA Omnibus Vol. 2


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