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JSA Vol 1 42


JSA Vol 1 42

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"Paradox Play": Mister Terrific and Hawkgirl sit in complete darkness until Terrific activates his T-Sphere to grant them light. Terrific believes they're stuck in some form of a tesseract. They turn the corner and find [[William B

Appearing in "Paradox Play"

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  • Tylerco



Synopsis for "Paradox Play"

Mister Terrific and Hawkgirl sit in complete darkness until Terrific activates his T-Sphere to grant them light. Terrific believes they're stuck in some form of a tesseract. They turn the corner and find Captain Marvel has half of his body stuck in a time-rift. He's suddenly completely sucked in as he tells them that Black Adam is coming for him. Kendra notices sand on the ground and recognizes it as from the 12th century. They're both surprised when Terry Sloan makes an appearance behind them. He's incredibly relaxed about accepting them being from the future as he had already worked it out as the only possibility. Terry tells them he just witnessed Black Barax leaving and mentioned the need for a new power source.

Else where, Black Barax attacks civilians demanding the power source be brought to him. The Freedom fighters arrive to attack Barax. Barax becomes excited when he spots the Ray as potential power source with his ability to explode.

Hawkgirl ushers the Terrifics to Washington, D.C. where there are reports of Black Barax attacking.

In Gemworld, Doctor Fate is ushered to meet Cutter by Flaw. Cutter explains his Amulet of Anubis was actually made by him. Cutter explains Nabu's origins, and how he is a being of energy. He tells him the amulet came from Cilia, where the first race of evolved beings came from. He then goes on to explain how Mordu has always existed, beyond time itself as a lord of chaos. He tells Doctor Fate that Mordu originally came to Gemworld to find a soul worthy of possessing to give himself power.

In Washington, Terry Sloan threatens Black Barax by proposing he will commit suicide. Barax realizes as a potential descendant of him, he can't possibly allow this to happen as he would cease to exist. Barax takes the bait and teleports back to his century. After he leaves, the JSA members joke that he bought the lie as there is no way they'd know if Barax was truly a descendant from Terry.

Michael Holt and Kendra head into the time cube. Since it's from ancient Egypt, she knows she can control it with her telepathic commands to send them to Captain Marvel.


  • This book was first published on November 13, 2002.
  • This issue was reprinted in JSA Omnibus Vol. 2


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