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JSA Vol 1 47

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"Princes of Darkness, Part 2: Eclipse": At the JSA Brownstone, Dove gets free and knocks out Eclipso. As she fights him, Flash grabs Doctor Mid-Nite and carries him to the first safe place he can think of - Mid-Nite's own infirmary, in Oregon. Getting the doctor and his two patients there within

Quote1 And all the world will be in love with night... Quote2
-- Obsidian, misquoting William Shakespeare

Appearing in "Princes of Darkness, Part 2: Eclipse"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Shadow soldiers

Other Characters:


  • Courthouse


Synopsis for "Princes of Darkness, Part 2: Eclipse"

At the JSA Brownstone, Dove gets free and knocks out Eclipso. As she fights him, Flash grabs Doctor Mid-Nite and carries him to the first safe place he can think of - Mid-Nite's own infirmary, in Oregon. Getting the doctor and his two patients there within seconds, Flash runs back to the brownstone to fight Eclipso as Doctor Mid-Nite prepares to care for his teammates.

Eclipso has Dove on the ropes. Briefly distracted by pictures of Wildcat II and Doctor Midnight, he remembers that he killed them both, and that he "loves beautiful girls"... but Flash arrives, hitting Eclipso with a brace of punches and insisting that Wildcat II and Doctor Midnight were women. Eclipso blasts him with the black diamond, but Flash has seen it all before. Grabbing a loose brick from a fallen wall, he knocks a hole in the ceiling, letting in sunlight - Eclipso's one weakness. As Eclipso tries to recover, Flash throws multiple bricks at high speed, letting in even more sunlight. As Eclipso tells him, "Enjoy the sunshine while you can," Flash smiles, and removes his metal helmet to use as a mirror, reflecting the sunlight back and frightening Eclipso away. As the heroes wonder where Eclipso came from, Alex Montez fills them in: Bruce Gordon, the solar physicist who first unleashed Eclipso, had been travelling the world, destroying all the magic black diamonds that Eclipso would use to possess a host. When he found the last one, Eclipso was desperate and possessed him. He remarks that his cousin, Yolanda Montez, was killed by Eclipso and he didn't tell the team about Gordon before because he wanted revenge. Flash tells him to stay put while he and Dove help the rest of the team, but Montez has something else in mind.

In New York, Mordru wants to leave, but Obsidian is getting too much energy from possessing the citizens to leave in a hurry. Hawkgirl and Hawkman remark tht this is just like what happened the first time they faced Obsidian - people are being turned into Obsidian's monsters, and the environment is turning dark and cold. Wildcat and Hourman are in the middle of the fight, and Hourman relaizes that his precognitive powers show only darkness - meaning that either they lose, or an hour from now, he is dead.

Power Girl tries to cut through the issue and challenges Mordru to a fist-fight. She doesn't hold back, but with the magic of Doctor Fate and Sentinel, he is beyond her power, and she is saved by Dove. At this, Mordru departs with Obsidian and his new minion, the Sand-monster. As Obsidian leaves, all of his shadow-monsters return to normal. The heroes take stock of where they stand: although Dove has come back, three of their members have been trapped in the Shadowlands, two are in critical condition, and Doctor Mid-Nite cannot be spared. Their foes are united and powerful, and Kobra is taking advantage of the situation to launch terrorists attacks in major cities around the world, claiming that this is the beginning of the Age of Darkness.

From the roof of Doctor Fate's tower in Salem, MA, the three villains discuss their different methods. it is established that Mordru is in charge, and is using the others merely because they like destroy things. The three villains channel their power through Eclipso's black diamond. Together, their power shoots into the sky, wrapping around the Moon and causing an eclipse.

In the Shadowlands, Stargirl and Captain Marvel come to. However, something goes wrong - the Shadowlands are beyond the reach of the wizard Shazam, and his powers leave him... revealing plain old Billy Batson to a shocked Stargirl.

Elsewhere, Hector Hall wakes up, and finds himself in Mordru's costume, in Mordru's prison within the Amulet of Fate. As the panbic sets in, he is suddenly rescued by Nabu, Kent & Inza Nelson, Fate and Kid Eternity...


  • This book was first published on April 16, 2003.
  • This issue was reprinted in JSA Omnibus Vol. 2


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