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"Grounded": Sand travels underneath the earth's crust as if it were water to him. He finds himself confused where a few minutes previously, he was about to accept chairmanship of the JSA, when he suddenly dissolved into

Quote1 Wes always told me there were two kinds of men... those that live in the past, and those that live in the now. You don't keep up with the Jones, you die. Simple as that. Well, I'm not dying. Quote2
-- Sand

Appearing in "Grounded"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Tylerco
  • Shining Light Architects


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Grounded"

Sand travels underneath the earth's crust as if it were water to him. He finds himself confused where a few minutes previously, he was about to accept chairmanship of the JSA, when he suddenly dissolved into sand and began passing through the Earth. Forcing his way to the surface, somehow swimming through earth, he breaks the surface, and finds himself on a beach. He needs answers.

Days later, at Tylerco, Sand is getting a check-up from Doctor Iker, under the supervision of Rebecca Tyler, CEO of Tylerco. Hourman arrives to see how everyone is, and recognizes Iker as one of Rex Tyler's "rogues". Iker responds that he served his time and now works honestly. Tylerco's security consultant, Mister Terrific, walks in and introduces himself.

Sand recalls when his physiology was changed years ago as he was turned into a giant sand-creature. He lived in a plastic cell until Wesley Dodds found a cure for his condition.

Sand learns his body is now changing again: his chemistry is now based on silicon rather than carbon. He has become a geomorph, a true "Sand-Man". In addition, his powers will probably continue to evolve.

Vowing to talk to Mister Terrific about JSA membership, Sand and Hourman depart for JSA headquarters, which is being renovated by John Stewart's architect firm. In the middle of a conversation, Sand receives a summons from the Earth and vanishes, leaving his clothes behind.

Following the signal, Sand emerges outside Kinambura Township, on the border between Sierra Verde and the Western African Republic. Geomancer is creating an earthquake around the town at the behest of a group called The Council. He and Sand get into an argument referring to vintage films, and Geomancer attempts to bury him. Sand fights back, using his new powers to disrupt Geomancer's abilities, and the fight devolves into a fist fight. All the while, Sand is thinking about Wesley Dodds and the culture of the 40s. Geomancer makes one last tattempt at buryig him, but Sand fights his way out and throttles the mercenary, knocking him unconscious.

Later, back at the brownstone, Sand is telling the story to Sentinel, Flash and Wildcat. Sand received a new costume from Tylerco, designed to travel through rock with him. He has also officially taken the superhero name "Sand". He has made peace with who is follows and what he can do.

Others are not so lucky. In Milwaukee, Todd Rice kills his foster father Jim Rice. With a new friend, He will spread his shadow - and destroy everything his father stands for.


  • This book was first published on October 20, 1999.
  • This issue was produced "with special thanks to Buzz"
  • This issue was reprinted in JSA Omnibus Vol. 1


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