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JSA Vol 1 79

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"Lost & Found, Part Two": In the Tower of Fate, Mordru has captured much of the JSA and Nabu. Fate threatens Mordru and Mordru laughs, crushing Nabu's helmet.

Quote1 You would show me Mercy?!!? The impudence... You are an insect dangling before a god, Nabu. Quote2
-- Mordru

Appearing in "Lost & Found, Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Lost & Found, Part Two"

In the Tower of Fate, Mordru has captured much of the JSA and Nabu. Fate threatens Mordru and Mordru laughs, crushing Nabu's helmet.

Stargirl, Hourman, Mister Terrific, Yz, the Thunderbolt and Shocko go to the sixth dimension where they ally themselves with Saradin.

At the Tower of Fate, Sand has freed himself and begins fighting Mordru. He frees Flash, who frees the other heroes and together they fight the wizard.

Elsewhere, on the side of a snowy mountain, Doctor Fate falls down, bloodied and beaten next to Fury, who wakes.

In the sixth dimension, genies capture the JSAers and Saradin and take them to see Jakeem. Shocko and Yz burst out of Mr. Terrific's mouth, where they've been hiding in his saliva and Jakeem grabs Shocko by the neck. Then he orders Yz to kill the JSAers.

In the Tower of Fate, Mordru subdues the JSAers. Nabu rises and challenges Mordru to one final confrontation.


  • This book was first published on November 2, 2005.
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