Quote1 And now the weather: partly gaga with a 50% chance of schizophrenia!!! Quote2
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Jack Ryder had appeared several times as himself in Batman Animated Series, often about him news reading about Batman's latest case. In the episode "Beware the Creeper!" He became his current alias. During an segment about the Joker at the Ace Chemical Plant, reporter Jack Ryder and his crew were attacked by the Clown Prince of Crime himself. Ryder was exposed to Joker Venom and thrown into a vat of chemicals. As the factory around him exploded, Ryder was sucked away into the sewage system. Deformed both physically and mentally, Ryder, now a yellow skinned madman, swore revenge on the Joker stating he would "fight fire with fire".

Ryder later joined the Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion, in the Justice League Unlimted episode, "Panic in The Skys". In the last episode of the series "Doomsday", he helped Hawk and Dove defend Coast City from Apokolips Warriors.In the same the episode Hawk, Dove and himself ran down the steps of Justice League base to capture Lex's team of supervillians.




  • Mental Illness: Though a small patch administering antidote could keep him in his normal form, the "Creeper" side could break out if Ryder lost concentration.
  • The Creeper fell head over heals for the Joker's Moll, and was easily distracted whenever she was around.



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