Quote1 I feel like a prisoner in my own life. I want to understand why I'm like this--who I really am... but my mother won't tell me anything about my father. I want to stop hiding myself... but I've grown up in a place where "different" is a bad word. I want to soak myself in water... but I live in an ocean of sand. I want to escape this prison... and start something new. Quote2
-- Jackson Hyde src

Jackson Hyde is Aqualad, a young superhero with hydrokinetic powers and member of the Teen Titans. He is also the son of villain Black Manta, and is openly gay.

Joining the Teen Titans

Jackson grew up a gay teenager with a homophobic mother[1] who avoided telling him about his real father. She did not allow him to use his hydrokinetic powers even when he was alone, just as she did not like that he had bleached his hair.[2]

Jackson also had a boyfriend named Kenny, who was startled when he showed him his powers. Not counting on even the support of the people he loves, the boy left New Mexico with the objective of joining the Teen Titans at Titans Tower in San Francisco.[2]

Deciding to join the team, Jackson tried to "audition" but was rejected by Robin, who considered that the Titans were already perfect with the members he had chosen, although the other members did not agree. However, when facing King Shark, a super-villain capable of living and fighting underwater, Jackson's powers proved very useful: he saved Robin's life, defeated the villain, and helped rescue his hostages (at that time, he discovered that he could develop gills and breathe underwater). Thanks to this, Robin decided to give Jackson a chance as an experiment, gifting him a hydro suit originally designed for himself.[3]

Meeting his father

After some time with Teen Titans, Jackson visited his mother who revealed to him that she was the reason he had hydrokinetic abilities, and he was an Atlantean-human hybrid from Xebel. Shortly after revealing her heritage, Lucia was attacked by Jackson's father Black Manta. After trying to help his mother fight Manta, Jackson was kidnapped by his father.

As it turned out Manta wanted Jackson because of his necklace which contained a map to the Black Pearl, an ancient artefact which gives its user thalassokinetic abilities. After fighting off monsters guarding the location of the Pearl, Manta claimed the Pearl as his own. The Teen Titans intervened, but were quickly defeated by Manta's new found power. Jackson called upon his new found power of controlling electricity and shocked Manta to near death. After the conflict was resolved, Jackson was given the name Aqualad by the Titans member Tempest, the previous Aqualad, who encouraged Jackson to continue his legacy.



  • Driving
  • Swimming: As an Atlantean Jackson's swimming is as natural as a surface person's walking.


  • Jackson's map necklace


  • Jackson plays center-midfield in soccer. His favorite subject is Math and his favorite band is A Tribe Called Quest.[5]



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