Colonel Jacob Kane is the father of Kate Kane and an ally of Batwoman. Colonel Kane is life long soldier and currently a highly-decorated Colonel, and been a field officer with USSOCOM for most of his career, leading numerous tactical operations across the globe. His wife Gabi Kane was a Captain with the USAF Security Forces. Both Kanes worked extensively with military intelligence services.

Jacob and Gabi had identical twin daughters Kate Kane and Elizabeth Kane . Jacob liked to bring his family with him and they moved to a wide variety of towns and bases. Jacob was often away from home, his duties including intervention in various international military crises.

The Kanes family moved to Brussels in Belgium, since the parents were now serving at NATO. The family however was torn apart due to a terrorist attack. Gabi was taking her daughters for the day and they were kidnapped by heavily armed men. Military intelligence eventually located the hostages and Jacob was put in charge of the tactical unit that was sent to rescue them. However they were too late as his wife had been executed and his daughter Elizabeth was believed to be dead. He resuced Kate himself, but she was traumatised by the sight of her dead mother and sister.[1]

Colonel Kane plays an important role in his daughters Batwoman operations. He provides her a one-man command, control and communication centre.

They stay in constant radio link, with the elder Kane being able to run researches, provide advice, and generally work in the background using his considerable knowledge, contacts and experience. Colonel Kane primarily uses his connections and his intelligence gathering-and-management skills. Kane has numerous connections including US Military and US Intelligence Agencies. He has access to numerous databases that are normally only accessible to the military and law enforcement to provide intel to his daughter.

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