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After Legion continuity was completed rebooted by the events of Zero Hour, Jacques was recast as a close friend of Lyle Norg from their days in school. Jacques was forced by a rival student to drink Lyle's serum, which had been calibrated only for Lyle's physiology, as a test to see if it would be safe for her. Although Jacques was believed to have been killed by the serum, he was saved by the Intelligence Division. The serum worked differently for him than for Lyle, granting him the ability to become undetectable by any means, though this ability causes him severe pain to use. He continued to work for EarthGov's Intelligence.


  • Invisibility: Invisible Kid can turn himself and his clothing invisible at will. His invisibility cloaks himself from many types of detection: ocular, auditory and telepathic.


A Legion flight ring



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