The events of Flashpoint greatly affected Jaime's origin, and how he got the Scarab. The scarab was the subject of a fight between Tia Amparo and the Brotherhood of Evil. Jaime and Paco just happened by, and the Scarab attached itself to Jaime, transforming him into the Blue Beetle.


Booster Gold invited Beetle to join the Justice League International alongside the Olympian. Beetle mistakenly thinks this is the regular Justice League, as he needs help from Cyborg. They are soon attacked by Brother Eye controlling OMAC, and Eye has Beetle teleported to the Reach homeworld while he destroys the team.[1] When the Reach attack Odym, homeworld of the Blue Lantern Corps, it is revealed that their armours have taken control of them; Jaime speculates, during a confrontation with Kyle Rayner, that his armour is damaged, explaining why he is in control of himself whereas the other Reach soldiers are enslaved to their armour.

After being captured by Lady Styx's henchmen, Jaimie is forced to take part in the bounty hunter game, The Haunted, on the planet called Tolerance.[2] After losing control over the Scarab armor[3] and regaining control back, he teams up with a New God named Lonar,[4] to kill the creator of the game Adonis and escape the planet. Lonar kills Adonis, takes his pocket dimension, and disappears.[5] Thereafter, the producer of The Hunted reveals that the show has been cancelled and sends Jaimie back to earth.[6]


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After having a hard time understanding how to control the scarab, Jaime began to work with Ted Kord to study the beetle attached to Jaime's back and trying to remove it. However, it was revealed by Doctor Fate, who tells Kord that the beetle is not of alien origin, but magical.[7] At school, Jaime describes having dreams about his scarab fighting Fate as a colossal beast to his friend Brenda, who tries to reassure him that these visions are just dreams. He, Brenda, and Jaime's other friend, Paco are walking home from school as they see Ted waiting for Jaime. They try to sneak past him, but are cornered by Teri Magnus, Ted's assistant.