Jaime Reyes was almost run over but a Kord Industries car but, Booster Gold saved him. This was Booster Gold's first save in Metropolis. The blue scarab that was on car found it's way into Jaime's backpack. Jaime is later seen with his friends and a can of soda explodes in his face. His peers laugh at him and ridicule him. Lois Lane witnessed it and encouraged Jaime to stand up and refuse to be pushed around. However Jaime was still ridiculed. The blue scarab merges with Jaime in an alley. He goes to Booster Gold for help but, Booster Gold claims he is too busy. Later on the blue scarab takes full control and wreaks havoc among the city. The armor attacks the studio Booster Gold is in. Meanwhile, Jaime struggles for control.

Eventually, the armor has Booster Gold in a chokehold. Booster Gold tells Jaime the suit doesn't make the hero and encourages him to take control. Jaime overtakes the scarab and takes control of it. Booster Gold decides to take Jaime as his protege after a talk with Clark Kent.

  • Jaime wore a T-Shirt with the imprint "El Paso Insect Club". This could be a hint that Jaime is from El Paso and was a member of an Insect Club. [1]



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