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Jakob Whorrsman was described as 'a junior officer in the world's third largest corporate monopoly, TryTelesaur, Inc.' He was an HIV-positive teenager when he was groomed by a Tony-Roberts-type motivator into seizing success for himself. Jakob will do anything to make a profit and he is not above hiring super-villain or professional criminal talent to carry out his plans. Currently, he heads the 'Northwest Acquisitions' department of TryTelesaur. It is his responsibility to secure profitable concerns for the corporation, and so far that includes a waste removal service, an escort service, a pest control service and a real estate contractor. Translated, that means he takes money for: environmental rape, statutory slavery, and the massacre of Seattle's indigent population. So far." He has encountered Green Arrow and Black Canary on a couple of occasions. Whorrsman was last seen 'dealing with the devil' when the evil entity Nyi'tarla tried to take control over America by absorbing several companies into the InterSect corporation



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