Quote1 Justice? What is justice without vengeance, Phantom Stranger? Simply a slap on the wrist and an invitation for evil to continue. Unabated. Quote2
-- The Spectre src

The story of the Spectre is as old as time itself. The physical manifestation of God's vengeance, the Spectre's job is punish evildoers and send their souls to hell. He believes that Batman should be more brutal in stopping villains, and can be quiet manipulative. His closest ally is a fellow being called the Phantom Stranger, whose views on justice differ with Spectre's.

The Spectre first appears in the series in "Chill of the Night," as he and the Phantom Stranger wager for Batman's soul as he finally confronts the man who killed his parents. If Batman kills Chill, he will become a violent agent of vengeance, like the Spectre himself. If not, Batman is free to make his own choice. During the episode, the Spectre appears to Batman and shows him the event where Chill is given the assignment to kill Bruce Wayne's father. Later, he (as well as the Phantom Stranger) appear to Batman after his attack on Chill, with each mystical hero prodding Batman to either spare or kill him. To the Spectre's disappointment, Batman spares Chill's life. Chill is later killed by a falling ceiling as a result of a misfired weapon before he can reveal Batman's identity. It is hinted that the Spectre was the cause of Chill's death.

The Spectre also appears in the teaser for "Gorillas in our Midst" as he and Batman break up a diamond robbery committed by Dr. Milo and his remote controlled rats. The ghost prepares to deal final justice to Milo, only to be stopped by Batman. Milo then takes a potion that turns him into a monster that attacks Batman while the Spectre grimly watches. During the fight, he saves the caged rats from a falling building column. After Batman defeats Milo, he and Spectre argue over Batman's insistence that he leave Milo for the police. Expressing his displeasure, the ghost leaves......but returns after Batman exits as well, leaving Milo alone. Saying it is time for his evil to "consume him," the Spectre releases the rats from their cage and turns Milo into cheese as the hungry vermin approach.




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