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Quote1 The supernatural? Old wives' tales, to frighten children! No. We may be seeking a maniac -- but I'd wager he's a human maniac. And somehow, I'm going to catch him! Quote2
-- Commissioner Gordon src

Commissioner Gordon was a police officer in Gotham City. His time was mostly spent pursuing the crimelord Killer Croc. When Croc's henchmen began showing up dead, he started tracking the bat-demon Etrigan. He was also shown to know Bruce Wayne, who was secretly responsible for containing Etrigan. Following Etrigan's murder of the apothecary Poison Ivy, the GCPD decided to set an ambush for him. They attacked while he was fighting Catwoman and Croc. Etrigan murdered Catwoman, Croc, Gordon, and all of his men.[1]


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