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Quote1 Who else is going to let this city be owned by the criminal scum who prey off it? Who else is a damn coward? Not me. Not anymore. Quote2
-- James Gordon src

James Gordon is a detective for the Gotham City Police Department. An experienced and hardened officer in the service, Gordon (while not being explicitly corrupt) did not fight against the misconduct rampant through the department and city. With the help of The Batman and his partner Harvey Bullock, he overcomes his fears and takes control of his convictions, fighting for his city despite the odds. He is father to Barbara Gordon.

Personal life

Gordon is father to Barbara Gordon. Gordon's wife was killed in an automobile accident. Whether this was an accident or purposefully done as a message to Gordon is unknown.


Gordon is a detective in the service. Although talented, Jim has been repressed by the corrupt police department.




  • The character of Commissioner Gordon was originally created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane and first appeared in Detective Comics #27. This Earth One variation of the character was created by Geoff Johns.


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