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James Jesse was a member of the Rogues Gallery, a gathering of criminals in Central City aimed for the purpose of destroying the Flash, operating under the identity of the Trickster. In the Justice League Unlimited episode "Flash And Substance", he teamed up with Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, and Mirror Master mostly as a tag-along rather than as a serious villain, since hardly anybody among them even listens to him or his ideas. Unfortunately, he was left alone, only to face the Flash, Batman, and Orion at a bar that the Rogues Gallery usually frequents when they were seeking information on the other three villains' whereabouts. The Flash calmly talked to the Trickster, getting him to see that he was not taking his medications, and soon the Trickster divulges that the other three villains are going to ambush him at the opening of the Flash Museum. Before departing, the Flash tells Trickster to turn himself in after he has finished with his drink.


  • Bipolar Disorder: James suffers from manic depression. When he forgets, or simply chooses not to take his meds, he falls into bouts of self-loathing followed by manic highs. During his episodes, he often puts on his costume and engages in criminal activity without being truly aware of it.


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