Quote1 You took my daughter from our home. She cried as you did. And then you cut her body into pieces. I'm going to do the same to you. Quote2
-- Butcher src

When searching for the Red Lantern Corps entity, the Butcher, Atrocitus saw where the Entity was headed: to an execution of a psychopath. The murderer, named Hayes, killed his victim, Elizabeth Kim, with horrible brutality, and was sentenced to death via electric chair. James Kim, the father of his murdered daughter, presided over the execution and was taunted by Hayes on the manner of his daughter's death that infuriated him in attracting the attentions of the Butcher. The entity broke into the execution and talked to James that he had great rage in his heart. Before he could get controlled by the entity, however the Spectre prevented it claiming that the Butcher was too chaotic and too dangerous to be left alone on Earth.

As the Spectre was trying to execute the Butcher, Atrocitus arrived and attacked the spirit of vengeance from killing the entity. Eventually, the two agreed to help each other to trap the entity in his Red Lantern. But as the Spectre and Atrocitus were talking, the entity engulfed James Kim's body. With the power of the Butcher, James Kim was going to kill Hayes and make him suffer for what he did to his daughter. As the Spectre tried to stop him, he got his face sliced in half, and kept getting chopped up. Over-and-over the entity continued to say "she liked it" (a saying that Hayes said to James Kim), until finally the Butcher killed Hayes. When the rage of James Kim had finally been stopped after the death of Hayes, the Butcher needed a new host and tried to enter Atrocitus' body. However, the entity was exposed and with the help of Atrocitus, the Spectre trapped it in a Red Lantern Power Battery. When all of the carnage was over, Spectre saw it fit that James Kim needed to die for committing a murder. However, Atrocitus talked him down, and the Spectre left. When James thanked him, Atrocitus returned the favor by blowing out blood, he soon left Earth saying that humans act in a strange manner.


  • Red Lantern Augmentation: Normal human being augmented by the Butcher Entity
    • Energy Projection : The entity power can be used to fire blasts of Butcher energy or create weapons such as projectiles of them. If the user wishes, they can alter the form of the blasts.
    • Force-Field Generation: The entity power can create various forcefields of various sizes and shapes to protect the wearer and others around her.
    • Energy Constructs: The entity power can form constructs of Red Lantern energy. Virtually anything can be created depending on the user. If simulating a being, the user can direct the construct. Feedback occurs if a construct is destroyed, but this is usually a minor issue.



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