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Jim, Jimmy
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Meg (his fiancee)
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U.S. Navy

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James "Jim" Lockhart was a brilliant engineer serving in the U.S. Navy. He invented a amazing human-guided one-man submarine he called the Red Torpedo., his superiors in the military rejected it. Not to be deterred, he took to the private sector, and with his fiancée, Meg, built it on their own.

In their first mission, Lockhart donned a mask and saved an American ship from European aggressors. He used his sub to combat lawlessness at sea and fight against the Nazi's and Japanese forces during World War II. [1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


He does not have super-powers. However, being a Navy man, he is an accomplished swimmer.



His one-man sub, also named Red Torpedo, boasts many impressive features: it is concussion proof, it can snare things with it's spear-tip, release a cloud of spray into the water and also grind through ice.


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