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Jimmy Olsen was the photographer for the Daily Planet who worked alongside reporters Clark Kent (Superman) and Lois Lane. He had a very close professional relationship with Clark at the point where he entered the Superman: Doomsday story.

When Lex Luthor's Project Applecore had accidentally let loose a humanoid killing machine from an alien stasis chamber, Superman, who was busy spending some private time with Daily Planet news reporter Lois Lane at his Fortress of Solitude, was alerted to the news of this humanoid wrecking machine which is now in Metropolis. Superman took Lois to Metropolis and confronted the monster now called Doomsday alone, finding him incredibly strong to the point of causing the Kryptonian to bleed. Lois had Jimmy join her in a Daily Planet helicopter where they would follow the action as closely as possible. However, Doomsday soon spotted the helicopter and leaped up to it to destroy it and its passengers. Superman wrenched Doomsday away from the helicopter before setting it down to safety. With relentless determination, Superman did all that he could to stop this "Doomsday machine", even to the point of flying him into space and then pushing him back to Earth where he finally died, no longer a threat. However, this also took a toll on Superman, who collapsed in Lois' arms, apparently dead, with Jimmy snapping the shots. During the time that the world mourned for the loss of Superman, Jimmy Olsen left the Daily Planet to become a photographer for an entertainment magazine. Lois thought that he left behind photojournalism for good, but after Superman's supposed return from the dead to deal with the Toyman -- which turned out to be Lex Luthor's clone of Superman programmed to do his will -- Lois found him snapping shots of the Toyman's body after the Superman clone had dropped him from a great height unto a police car, marking Superman as a wanton killer.

Later on Lois met with Lex Luthor in his office under the pretense of leaving the Daily Planet for good in order to go on with her own life, but drugged him so that she and Jimmy could go through his files to discover his genetic research laboratory where he is harvesting Superman clones, all for patrolling Metropolis under Luthor's control. Luthor awakened from his drugged state and threatened to kill both Lois and Jimmy, but was stopped by the active Superman clone who then proceeded to destroy the entire laboratory and all the work done in it while Lois and Jimmy escaped.

As Lois and Jimmy watched the cloned Superman take out the National Guard's tanks, planes, and weapons with a sweep of his heat vision, Jimmy spotted a black-clad long-haired person resembling Superman confronting the clone on top of a building. The cloned Superman tried to peaceably warn the real Superman that Metropolis is now under his protection in the hopes that he would back off. The real Superman answered, "Over my dead body," and fired the Kryptonite cannon beam at the clone, who instantly dodged and knocked the cannon out of the real Superman's hand, engaging him in a long dragged-out battle across Metropolis and ending at the site of Superman's memorial. Jimmy went with Lois to follow the action as she retrieved the Kryptonite cannon and struck the cloned Superman with it, but he quickly destroyed it, leaving only the cartridge containing the Kryptonite intact. The real Superman stuck the cartridge onto the clone's bodysuit and ignited it with his heat vision, enveloping the clone in a thick cloud of Kryptonite that ended up killing the clone. The real Superman then assured Lois that he is really back from the dead by giving her a kiss in public, with Jimmy snapping the shots.

It is presumed at the end of the story that Jimmy got his old job back at the Daily Planet.


Professional photographer

  • He has a golden earring on his left ear.


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