Quote1 ... so you're the little pain in the ass that stole my identity a few years back. Quote2
-- Jay Garrick src

Very little is known about Jay Garrick's early life. At some point in his youth, he gained the ability to move at speeds far greater, than an ordinary man. Eventually, he assumed the identity of the Flash and became a founding member of the Justice Society of America.

He was later framed by a government agency and charged for fraud and resisting arrest. Jay and the rest of his JSA teammates were arrested in their civilian identities and sent to jail. Neither Jay nor anyone else in the group was convicted due to a massive lack of evidence and was later released. Unfortunately the arrests caused the JSA to split up and go into retirement. The Government also broke Jay's leg, but he refused to heal it with his ability so the Speed Demon would not haunt him anymore. After these events, Jay moved to a house in the middle of Utah were he lived for many years.

Years later, his old friend and teammate Carter Hall visited him because he wanted to reunite the JSA but Jay turned down Carter's offer. Nearly two years later, Jay was tracked down by Bart Allen, the boy who stole his identity a few years back, and Clark Kent because they were looking for a way to help Bart with the Speed Demon. Jay quickly revealed that the Speed Demon is hungry for the speed of the Speedsters and it only did not take him, because he stopped running. That was not an option for Bart so he helped Clark battling the Speed Demon in Las Vegas, only to destroy the Speed Demon once and for all-- which presumably cost Bart his own life. After Bart's sacrifice, Jay met Clark at the JSA brownstone museum where they talked about Carter and Bart. Clark told Jay not to blame himself for all those things that happened but Jay felt like he should have done something against the Speed Demon years ago.

Later it was mentioned by Martha Kent that Jay started a school for "gifted" children in San Francisco and that Conner Kent is among his students.


  • At the time of his arrest, Jay was 43 years old.[1]



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