Erased from Time

Somewhere in time, a baby by the name of Jason Goldstein was or will be "shot" and murdered by Per Degaton, accompanied by The Ultra-Humanite and Despero.

Rex Hunter: The would be Time Master

For reasons yet to be explained, Jason Goldstein tracks down Rip Hunter and wishes to join Rip's group of Time Masters. Jason adopts the name Rex Hunter to protect his identity.

Rex believes in a more proactive style and, instead of protecting the Timeline, he breaks it, believing this will make the world a better place. One of his "proactive" choices involves pushing a 10-year-old Lex Luthor in front of a speeding train. Rip stops him, however, and refuses to allow Jason to join the team.

As revenge against Rip, Jason travels in time and kills Time Master Bonnie Baxter, (while she is still an infant,) by crushing her skull while she lies in her crib.

The Time Stealers

After he steals the Supernova suit, Rex springs Booster Gold's father from prison in the 25th Century. Together they plan to eliminate all heroes from time, leaving Rex Hunter and Supernova the only heroes of Earth. Their hit list includes Hal Jordan, Superman, The Flash, and Batman. There is one name Rex Hunter didn't put on his list: Michael Jon Carter, as he is considered too strong to defeat given Booster Gold stopped Rex's first two attempts.