Jason Teague encountered a variety of strange happenings during his year in Smallville. He became a football coach at Smallville High School.

Jason and Lana Lang met by chance when Lana moved to France to study art. He crashed his motorcycle, and she spent hours in the emergency room with him. They became a couple, and he took her to visit the tomb of Isobel Thoreaux the day before her eighteenth birthday, where she received the mystical Mark of Transference. Lana inexplicably returned to Smallville to try to figure out what the Mark meant, and Jason followed her to Kansas. He enrolled in CKU and started a job at Smallville High as the assistant football coach. He and Lana discreetly continued their relationship, and she eventually showed him the tattoo and explained why she returned. Jason vowed to be by her side as she searched for answers. Jason was fired as the coach when Lex Luthor informed the school board that Jason had a relationship with a student. Lana began to notice changes in Jason's behavior when he began working with Lex, so she followed him to China. When they returned, she gave the Crystal of Air to Jason, but Jason began to suspect he was being manipulated by his mother. He realized that his and Lana's relationship was orchestrated from the beginning by his mother, and began to pull away from Lana. He broke up with her, saying he did not think Lana was ready for a sexual relationship, but eventually confessed the truth. He realized that even if they did not meet by chance, he still loved her, and they got back together. Jason claimed that he was done searching for the Stones, but continued to covertly help his mother recover them. Lana grew impatient with his increasingly consuming preoccupation with the Stones. She declared that their relationship had changed since they left Paris. She had originally planned to enroll at CKU to be with him, but changed her mind. Jason became very angry with her decision. They never really resolved anything, and when Jason snuck into Smallville High School's prom, he saw Lana dancing with her ex-boyfriend, Clark Kent and their relationship quietly ended.

Jason became caught in the middle of Lex and Lionel Luthor who were both earnestly seeking the Stones of Power. Lionel Luthor offered him a job at LuthorCorp to spy on Lex and his actions. He was given a copy of the map that Lex obtained, detailing location of the Air Stone. Jason and Lex went to China and secretly searched for one of the mysterious Kryptonian crystals. However, they were arrested and interrogated, and had to be saved by Clark and Lana. Lana was possessed by the Countess and obtained the Air Stone. Genevieve continued to put pressure on him to locate the stones, and was dismayed that he actually did fall in love with Lana. When Lana stole the Crystal of Air, Genevieve tried to blackmail Lionel Luthor into giving it to her, and he, in turn, threatened her and Jason. The search for the Stones intensified, and Jason helped his mother kill Dr. Bridgette Crosby for the Crystal of Water. He then planted her body on the grounds of the Luthor Mansion to frame Lex.

The Teagues then kidnapped Lex and Lionel and held them hostage in a cabin. They tortured Lex to try and get the location of the Crystal of Water. Lionel lied, saying that he sent it to Lana. Genevieve went to Lana's to find it, leaving Lex and Lionel under Jason's watch. They managed to get loose and tried to escape. Jason chased them into the woods, but Lex cornered him on a cliff over a river. Jason started to say something about Clark Kent when Lionel appeared and shot him. Jason fell off the cliff as a result of being shot before he could reveal his information to Lex.

Jason somehow survived the fall, and returned to Smallville the day of the second meteor shower. Having realized that Clark Kent is somehow connected to the Stones, he went to the Kent Farm and held Jonathan and Martha Kent hostage, threatening them with a shotgun to try and force the Stones' location from them. Jason was killed when a meteor struck the Kents' house directly above where he was standing.



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