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This is the Jason Todd disambiguation page.

Current alternate identity: RobinRed HoodNightwingRed RobinBatman

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Jason Todd is a vigilante superhero with multiple names. Originally he was the second Robin, Batman's sidekick after Dick Grayson grew too old. During A Death in the Family he was murdered by the Joker, although he would be resurrected many years later during Under the Hood and become the anti-hero Red Hood. His successor as Robin was Tim Drake. His violent attitude towards criminals has made him a controversial figure, crossing moral lines to pursue his ends even as a teenager, and repeatedly demonstrating his willingness to kill as an adult. His death motivated Batman for many years and his costume was held on display in the Batcave, although since his return they have mainly been opponents. He has been a member of the Batman Family, the Teen Titans and the Challengers from Beyond. Jason Todd was created by Gerry Conway and Don Newton, first appearing in Batman #357. (1983)

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