Quote1 He died trying to make himself some kind of Floronic Man. Quote2
-- Pamela Isley src

Jason Woodrue was a well-respected botanist working on controversial experiments. Pamela Isley was a grad student working underneath him, and he attempted to alter her genes with plant-derived chemicals, giving her powers she could use on his behalf. Finding herself able to make men fall uncontrollably in love with her and override their minds, she turned this on him and brought him under her power. Using his high standing, she advanced her own career in the scientific community. Driven insane by his enslavement, Woodrue died trying to make himself superior to her by becoming the Floronic Man. The authorities read his notes and learned of her powers, ruining her career although they had no way of convicting her. Attempting to atone for her misdeeds by using her abilities for good, she became a member of the Justice League.[1]



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