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When Rond Vidar proposes sending a man forward enough through time to test his theory that the fourth dimension has a circular structure, Professor Jaxon Rugarth volunteers for the maiden voyage. Vidar's new time machine, which incorporates two of his previous inventions, the Time Cube and a 'Hyper Time Drive', proves to be far more powerful than Vidar expected, sending Rugarth through the timelines of so many dimensions so many times that his mind snaps from the strain. A new, powerful self, with knowledge of the future and the past, drawing energy from the ceaseless flow of time is formed, calling itself the Infinite Man. Breaking out of the timestream at the point Rugarth had entered, the Infinite Man attacks Vidar. The Legionnaires try to protect him, but the Infinite Man plucks creatures from various eras to combat them. However, during the melee, Vidar manages to secretly sabotage the Hyper Time Drive and send the Infinite Man back on his endless circle through time.

Vidar and Brainiac 5 work for years trying to find a way to cure Rugarth, but they are unsuccessful until a power surge brought on by the Crisis on Infinite Earths frees the Infinite Man once more. With the help of the White Witch, whose spells cause the Infinite Man's energies to be sent back into the timestream, his threat is averted. Rugarth, totally powerless, and largely mindless, is sent to Medicus One for treatment.

When Brainiac 5 needs a power source strong enough to puncture the Time Trapper's Iron Curtain of Time, he and Vidar re-energized Rugarth in the Time Cube, forcing him to metamorphose back into the Infinite Man, who then, with a timely assist from Brainiac's force-field, drags the Time Trapper into the Timestream, presumably to the Dawn of Time, where they grapple still.


The Infinite Man is the incarnation of Time as an endless cycle. As such, he possesses nearly unlimited power. He can travel through time, and can move people and objects from one time period to another. He can also focus chronal energy into focused energy beams, though his control over this power is imperfect.


Ability to move through time and to pluck individuals or objects from on era and place them in another Can emit blasts of chronal energy.



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