Jaxon was born as the illegitimate son of Lex Luthor. Lex rejected Jaxon, didn't even allow for the boy to carry his name.


Jaxon as "X"

As an adult, Jaxon had created a new type of virtual reality program. Unlike other programs it actually took the user's mind into the computer. In this world, Jaxon re-invented himself as the super-powered "X" and planned to use the system for mind control on world leaders. Jaxon trapped Lois Lane & Clark Kent in the program, hoping to get Lois to reveal passwords to Lexcorp programs, giving Jaxon access to research conducted by Lexcorp's IT division. However, Jaxon was defeated by Superman, with the aid of Lois and Jimmy Olsen. Jaxon's body was left comatose, while his mind was stuck in the virtual world.




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