Quote1 I was born wrong. Wrong species. Quote2
-- Mouse src

Jayden Revell was born in one of Coral City's wealthiest families. Even as a baby, he showed more affinity for rats than for humans, and as he grew up, that relationship only became stronger. An outcast in his high society school, he was shunned by his family and taken in by the Movement.[1]


  • Animal Empathy: Mouse has a strong affinity with rats, even as a baby.
  • Animal Control: Mouse is able to somehow communicate with swarms of rats to do his work

.*Animal Mimicry Mouse was able to have the agility of a rat and claws of one.

  • Mouse originally was in love with fellow team mate Tremor, but did not work out.[2] He is now in love with pet shop worker, Holly.[3]
  • He names his rats; they include Trouncer[4], Rascal[5], Humbert, Gaston[2], Professor Dickens[6], Mister Whisket[7] and Mrs. Finnlemore.[3]
  • Due to having a strong affinity with rats than humans when he was growing up, Jayden seems to have not learnt many social norms such as knowing how to use shampoo[6] or a child-like view on courtship.[8]