Jayna is the twin sister of Zan.


Metamorphosis: Jayna possesses the ability to shape-shift her body into any known animal form. The choice of form is not exclusive to Earth animals, but may also include animals from her home world of Exxor, even mythological animals, such as a winged horse. So long as Jayna can envision a specific animal in her mind's-eye, and is able to correctly name it, she can transform into it. While in a selected form, Jayna maintains full control of her mental faculties and is even capable of vocalizing her thoughts (regardless of whether the target animal is biologically equipped for speaking or not). The duration of Jayna's ability to remain in a chosen form is unknown.

Strength level

Under Earth's gravity, Jayna appears to possess the equitable strength level of a human female her age, size and weight who engages in moderate regular exercise. Whether her Exxorian physiology provides her with added physical strength while on other worlds remains unknown. When using her powers, Jayna briefly acquires the proportionate strength of the animal shape she is currently assuming. For example, were she to shape-shift into the form of a gorilla, her strength level would increase to that of an adult gorilla. Upon returning to her natural form, her strength level returns to normal.


  • Jayna's super-powers are contingent upon physical contact with her brother, Zan. Direct flesh-to-flesh contact is required to prompt the transformation. Traditionally, this is achieved by one twin knocking their clenched fist against the opposing fist of the other. Jayna is also fond of using spoken mantras while using her powers. To activate their abilities, both siblings usually shout (in Exxorian) "Wonder Twin powers...activate!", followed by a secondary spoken command signifying a chosen form such as, "Shape iguana!" Her ability to assume an animal's form depended on her ability to name the animal. To switch back into her Exxorian form, Jayna made physical contact with Zan a second time, with either one or both of them exclaiming, "Wonder Twin powers...deactivate!" Whether this spoken mantra is necessary to activate the Wonder Twin powers or whether they do so out of choice remains unclear.[1]
  • Jayna only speaks Exxorian.[1]