Since no one bought that Zan and Jayna were transfer students from Sweden, they've been living on the streets their whole life. The only other history they have was that they once had a father that told them to always stay together, because they are "stronger" as a team.

Zan and Jayna were two kids who idolized the Blur but started to get him into trouble by making busts by themselves and leaving his mark without knowing better. Not to mention an email, Facebook, and Twitter account online. They obviously wanted to help but ended up capturing a bunch of undercover narcotics police. After that, they go after a diamond thief. Zan turned into a sheet of ice to put the limo out of control, while Jayna became a cougar and scared the driver. Their plan worked, but they ended up taking out Metropolis' power. Back at Zan and Jayna's place, they found out that Jayna lost her phone at the power plant. Zan then received a call from Jayna's phone; they panicked under the belief that they're being tracked, so they planned to escape, but when they're about to activate their powers, they were knocked out by Clark (as the Blur). Clark took the twins to the Watchtower where Chloe Sullivan convinced them to back down from trying to "help" the Blur. Disguised as a ladybug, Jayna found out that the Blur was in even more political trouble and that it's their fault, so they decided to activate their powers and go help. To cover Lois and Clark from being seen, Zan turned into water vapor and Jayna turned into a dog to get Ray Sacks. When Lois fell, Zan brought her safely to the ground. Later, at their apartment, the Blur came to tell them that he was proud of them and that they did a good job. But also told them what the meaning of being a hero was truly all about and the responsibilities that came with it.


Metamorphosis: Jayna possesses the ability to shape-shift her body into any known animal form. While in a selected form, Jayna maintains full control of her mental faculties. The duration of Jayna's ability to remain in a chosen form is unknown.

  • Jayna was played by Allison Scagliotti.
  • To activate their powers, Zan and Jayna touch and say "Powers, activate!"
  • Being alien, the comic characters have pointed ears. In Smallville, the top of Zan's ears and the entirety of Jayna's are covered by their hair, making it notably impossible to tell if they share this feature. As their histories are not explained, its also difficult to know whether or not Zan and Jayna are aliens or metahumans.
  • Jayna's phone has on it a picture of Gleek, the space monkey pet of their counterparts in the comics and TV series. Similarly, Zan's phone emits a sound like that the monkey does in the animated series.



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