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Jeff Hage first appears in the season eight episode "Hex". He brings Lois Lane, who is actually Chloe Sullivan hexed as Lois' double, her dry cleaning and her morning coffee.

In season nine Jeff reappears, in a non-speaking part, in "Echo". He appears in the Daily Planet eating the last maple donut that Lois wanted. Clark Kent, who was temporarily given the ability of telepathy, heard Lois' thought, supersped and took it from Jeff and gave it to her, leaving the intern baffled. Jeff later re-emerged in another non-speaking part at the end of "Warrior", where Lois planted a kiss on him in order to get back at Clark for locking lips with Zatanna Zatara.

In 2011, Jeff has become Lois's personal assistant. Lois asked Jeff to go to a Wedding bakery to pick up a cake for her. Jeff is the first employee at the Planet to see the new look of Clark Kent.

Clark Kent's Dream

In Clark's dream sequence depicting the year 2013, Jeff was still assisting Lois Lane at the Daily Planet.


In 2017, Jeff is still working at the Daily Planet, but is now working at Clark's old desk in the basement.




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