Quote1 A monocle! The monster wore a monocle! And Dr. Jelke was looking for something! Was this it? What does it mean? Quote2
-- Pinky, the Whiz Kid src

Jelke learned the secret of transforming himself into a monster from reading Robert Louis Stevenson's novel, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. After a short series of brutal murders and two encounters with Mr. Scarlet, Mr. Hyde got involuntarily transformed back into Dr. Jelke, by a blow to the head. Jelke grabbed a flask of some chemical concoction, gulped it down, and dropped dead.


  • Mental Illness Jelke had a split personality, the side-effect of his becoming the monstrous Mr. Hyde.

enemy of Mr. Scarlet

  • Apparent Death: Jelke was a doctor, who concocted his own potions, and he drank one of them, seemingly dying by his own hand. Nobody but Jelke knew what was really in that test tube.