Rick's grandniece, Jenna, has taken up the mantle of the Red Bee. She uses a mechanized battle suit and two robotic bees that can fire electricity.

Later Jenna had been mutated by an alien insect colony into a human/insect hybrid, with enhanced physical abilities, pheromone production capabilities, and antennae on her head.

Her mind is completely circumvented by the mutation, and she prepares to colonize the entire earth. She was cured of her affliction by Ray Terrill Sr., who uses his new Neon powers to destroy the insect influence.


  • Insectoid Physiology: Jenna's physiology was mutated by an alien insect colony seeking to overtake the Earth. Jenna's predisposition to bees and the alien's physiology caused her to adapt new abilities.
  • Pheromone Control: She has altered hormones and pheromones. They allow her to stimulate sexual frenzy in both men and woman. And the ability to "mark" people for later tracking.
  • Superhuman Strength



  • Red Bee Armor: (formerly) Red exoskeleton armor that allowed her bee-like abilities.



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