Several years ago, Jennifer Knight witnessed the murder of her parents on Christmas Eve. Her father had been one of the best reporters on the Daily Planet's crime beat, and was close to breaking the case against crime boss Robert Bender, until Bender found out. She swore to bring the Bender family down and in the present tries to enact this by infiltrating the inner circle of Cyrus and Eli Bender, the heirs to Robert Bender's crime legacy. However her cover is quickly discovered forcing Jennifer to seek help from her friend, Dane Maxwell hoping to use his genius to hack Cyrus Bender's cellphone. However Cyrus' henchmen track them down and apparently kill Dane inside his own machine. Jennifer is later rescued by Dane, who had become miniaturized. He gives her a special suit and gloves enabling invisibility and shadow manipulation. She then chooses to become a vigilante, known as Phantom Lady.


Phantom Lady Vol 1