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Jennifer "Jen" Stuart is a Lieutenant in the US Army. She is the granddaughter of famed Jeb Stuart, World War II hero and now a high-rank Army General. During the war, Jeb was the commander of the Haunted Tank, which was gifted with a spirit guide—the ghost of his great-grandfather Civil War General J.E.B. Stuart.

Jeb was later attacked by the super criminal Doctor Polaris, and temporarily became a spirit guide himself to his granddaughter, Jen. With the help of her grandfathers spirit, Jen took command of the new Haunted Tank, the Cyber-Command Assault Vehicle, while helping out the Power Company in the world of Ashalanti. However, Jeb Stuart was not dead, he was just hovering between life and death, and later covered. Jeb is pleased to know that after he dies he will still be able to protect his family.


All members of the Stuart family are able to view and hear the spirit of their ancestor, confederate General J.E.B. Stuart. His soul was bound to that of his decendants, with his presence limited to their immediate location. Due to this, Jen is also able to see the spirit of her grandfather Jeb Stuart.


Strength level

  • Jen Stuart possessed the strength level of a woman her age, size and weight who engaged in intensive regular exercise.


  • The Haunted Tank: Jen Stuart was the commander of the new Haunted Tank, the Cyber-Command Assault Vehicle. This is the first Haunted Tank not to carry the Confederate flag on it.



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