Jeramey Chriqui also known as the Canterbury Cricket is a hero hailing from Canterbury in England. He came into existence after history was rewritten by the Flash in Flashpoint, radically different version of the DC Universe was created.

Jeramey Chriqui was once an arrogant con man and university student that is, until the Amazons invaded the country. When the Amazons attack the university ground Jeramey sought refuge in Canterbury Cathedral. Tracked by an Amazon soldier, Jeramey pleads for his life to the Amazon and to God. With a flash of light Canterbury Cathedral was is bombed by overhead invisible jets, with Jeramey the only survivor. In silence, all that he heard was a chirp. Whether by way of a miracle or a curse, Jeramey had been changed, and out from the rubble rose the Canterbury Cricket. This changed Jeramey's outlook on the world and he became more patriotic and loyal to the people of the United Kingdom and will fight to protect it until his very last breath.

He joins the resistance and help the other heroes battle the Amazons, and later to stop the war with Atlantis


  • There actually are no crickets in England. They have grasshoppers, but Flashpoint creator Geoff Johns thought the alliteration sounded better.[citation needed]