Jeremy was a teenage boy who lived in the town of Smallville, Kansas and attended Smallville High School. It was an annual tradition among the high school's varsity football players to pick an underclassman and turn him into a "scarecrow" for the annual Homecoming game. In October of 1989, on the night before the Homecoming game, the players selected Jeremy to be the scarecrow. They dragged him out into the middle of Riley Field, stripped him to his boxers and tied him to a scarecrow pole where they left him overnight. The following day, billionaire Lionel Luthor came to town with his young son, Lex, to oversee some business at a nearby fertilizer plant. Lex wandered into the field and found the exhausted Jeremy tied to the pole. Moments later, a violent meteor shower struck the town of Smallville. One of the meteors crashed into Riley field and Jeremy was struck with a blast of debris. The radiation from the falling meteors put Jeremy into a coma for twelve years.

The radiation yielded other side effects as well. Exposure to the meteor rock created an electrolyte imbalance which retarded the aging process. In the span of twelve years, Jeremy barely aged a day.

In the year 2001, an electrical storm short-circuited the generator at the hospital he had been staying at and Jeremy awakened from his coma. The surge of electricity, in combination with exposure to the meteor rock, gave Jeremy the ability to generate powerful arcs of electricity from his body. Leaving the hospital, he sought to get revenge upon the athletes who tormented him and tied him to the scarecrow pole. He found three of the former football players still living in town and paid each of them a visit. His first victim was a garage mechanic who immediately recognized Jeremy and tried to defend his actions by citing that "it was only a game". Jeremy retorted by telling him that he "wanted to play" as well and electrocuted him.

Jeremy knew that the Homecoming football game was fast approaching and that a new scarecrow would be selected. He returned to Riley Field to discover that his suspicions had been correct. High school freshman Clark Kent, already weakened due to exposure to the meteor rock, had been tied to the scarecrow pole - the letter "S" prominently spray-painted across his chest. Rather than help Clark, Jeremy decided to take more direct action against the football team. He went to the high school on the night of the school's Homecoming dance. He began uncoiling a fire hose with the intent of flooding the dance hall with water, then using his powers to electrocute everyone inside the building. Fortunately, Lex Luthor arrived in the field to free Clark, and Kent was able to race to the school in time to intercept Jeremy. Jeremy tried to use his powers against Clark, but Kent proved invulnerable against the electrical surge. He then tried running him down with his truck. The vehicle smashed into the side of the school, tearing open a water main. Water flooded the cab of the truck and Jeremy's own powers short-circuited him. He awakened minutes later with no memory of who he was or why he was at the school.


  • Jeremy Creek was portrayed by Adrian McMorran.
  • Jeremy was the first of a recurring string of characters who developed super-abilities after being exposed to green meteor rock.



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