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Personal History

Jerry Siegel was a Science Fiction fan from a young age, and self published possibly the first Science Fiction fanzine, 'Cosmic Stories', in 1929. He wrote his future collaborator Joe Shuster while attending Glenville High School.

Professional History

Jerry Siegel was a writer for National Periodical Publications and later for DC Comics. Along with artist, Joe Shuster, Jerry co-created the most famous pop-culture American icon of all time - Superman, as well as a number of lesser characters including Doctor Occult, the earliest character in DC's shared universe still in use (Occult debuted in 1935, three years before Superman). Siegel later worked for several other comics publishers including Marvel, Charlton Comics, and the British publisher IPC, for whom he wrote the adventures of crook turned crimebuster the Spider for most of the characters' tenure in The Lion from 1965-1969, though in common with virtually every other creator at the time, he was uncredited in the comics themselves. Siegel sued DC over the rights to Superman in 1946 and again in 1967, with little success, though Siegel's family have continued to challenge DC over the rights to the characters he created since his death in 1996.


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