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In school, Jervis was something of a geek, and Alice Dee was someone he once knew from there. Alice and her friends looked out for him and included him in their games. He had grown enamoured with Alice, and told his father - a haberdasher - about the girl. The man warned Jervis to avoid putting Alice on a pedestal, lest she disappoint him, but offered a plan to help his son succeed. The next day, Jervis invited Alice to the opening of a new park with a series of Alice in Wonderland-themed displays, and she accepted, later telling him she'd had fun and was glad she had agreed to come with him, even holding his hand.[1]

As the school dance approached, Jervis Tetch was worried that the fact that his friends were outgrowing him quickly was going to make him undesirable. His parents attempted to help him by giving him platform shoes and a top-hat to wear, but in the end, he decided that he would have faith in his friends' ability to accept him as he is. However, when he asked Alice to the dance, she responded that they would all be going together as a group, leaving him feeling rejected. Jervis begged his parents to take him to the doctor to see if something could be done about his height. The doctor explained that his stature was in part caused by a testosterone deficiency, and after some prodding, he agreed to test some experimental testosterone enhancers on Jervis - but, he warned, it might not work. Worse, it might have permanent negative effects on mental stability. Despite his father reminding Jervis that his parents loved him for who he was, not his height, Jervis insisted on getting the treatment regardless. At the dance, Jervis approached Alice and tried to hold her hand, but she pulled it away, explaining that she didn't like him in that way, and he spent the dance alone and dejected.[2]

Although the drug initially worked, Tetch began to experience the side effects, like premature hair loss, which he hid under a large top-hat. Feeling as though the good life he had been living was taken from him after Alice Dee's rejection, he became addicted to the drug, and it deranged him, as his parents futilely attempted to get through to him and set him back on the right path. In his derangement, the sound of his rabbit's thumping began to annoy him, and he killed it with his bare hands, resulting in his parents, upon discovering what he had done, committing him to the Arkham Detention for Youth.[3]


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"Arkham War"

After the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3 invaded the planet and seemingly killed the Justice League, the inmates of Arkham Asylum divided Gotham City among themselves. However, Bane, wanting the city for himself, recruited the prisoners of Blackgate Penitentiary to join him in his fight against the Arkhamites in what would later be called "the Arkham War".

The Hatter, who had recently returned to Gotham after doing a quick job in Chicago [4], sided with the Arkhamites and worked primarily as a scientist alongside Mr. Freeze, with the mission objective of reviving the undead Talons, brainwashed to fight for them using Tetch's mind control technology. [5] When the Talon plan didn't succeed, Scarecrow, wanting to make one last push at the Blackgate battalion, drugged Mad Hatter and some other high ranking Arkhamites with Bane's own Venom. Scarecrow and his super-strength army assaulted Bane but, alas, Hatter and the Arkham army was demolished by the superior Venom-user Bane, declaring himself the winner of the Arkham War. [6]



  • Illness: Jervis has a hormonal deficiency, namely in testosterone, which causes him to be very short.
  • Mental Illness: The experimental drugs Jervis took for his height not only did not help enough to be considered normal height, but also left him mentally unstable. Due to continuous use, he has become a psychotic sexual deviant.
  • Drug Addiction: Jervis is addicted to the drug that he tried to take to increase his height.
  • Obsession: Jervis is obsessed with the story of Alice in Wonderland, especially the character of Alice.


  • Mind Control Hat: Tetch carries with him his iconic top hat that can hack into and take over people's minds. His hat also emits a powerful wave to block other psychic and mind control attacks, as well as project hallucinogenic illusions. His hats can also directly mind control people who unwittingly wore them.
  • Robots: Tetch is also knowledgeable in mechanics and robotics, and has used them in his fights.



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