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Mister Unknown 004
Information-silkReal NameJiro Osamu
Information-silkCurrent AliasMister Unknown
Information-silkAliasesBatman Japan
Information-silkAffiliationBatman Incorporated
Information-silkBase Of OperationsTokyo, Japan
Information-silkIdentitySecret Identity
Information-silkMarital StatusSingle
Information-silkUniverseNew Earth
Information-silkCreatorsGrant Morrison, Yanick Paquette
First Appearance

Quote1 Guns are for cowards. Quote2
-- Jiro Osamu src


The body double of the Japanese costumed adventurer known as Mister Unknown, Jiro has helped his senior partner for years. However, recently they were attacked by Lord Death Man, a masked criminal who disfigured Mister Unknown with acid before killing him. Jiro was targeted as well, when his girlfriend was kidnapped and fed to an octopus, before being rescued by Catwoman.

Batman breaks a window in the down-stairs apartment, while Catwoman kills the giant octopus and kills Misaki. While she is taken to the hospital, she angrily breaks up with Jiro for not telling her that his boss was Mr. Unknown.

Batman deduces that Lord Death Man will attack the Maritime Museum, where the Poseidonis Jewels will be exhibited. Jiro deduces that the next victim will be Aquazon of the Super Young Team. Batman tells Jiro that he came to Japan to offer Mr. Unknown a position in Batman Incorporated. However, Jiro reveals that Mr. Unknown was about to turn 56 next week. Also, Mr. Unknown only did detective work. Jiro was the one who did all the physical activities, such as fighting. Jiro tries to take the offer, but Batman refuses, saying that Jiro used a gun and a rule in Batman Incorporated is "no guns."

Meanwhile, Lord Death Man awakens in a morgue and kills the doctors. He and his forces take cars and drive to the Maritime Museum.

While Batman and Catwoman go the museum, Jiro puts the Mr. Unknown costume on.

In the museum, Batman fights Lord Death Man while Jiro saves Aquazon from Lord Death Man's forces. Jiro then stuns Lord Death Man with darts, and Batman throws him from the rooftop. Catwoman arrives with a safe box and Batman puts him there. However, it appears that Jiro was shot by Lord Death Man.

Lord Death Man is placed in a satellite by the Japanese space program.

Bruce later reveals to Selina that Jiro faked his own death, and he gave Jiro a three-month probation period to be Tokyo's Batman and a member of Batman Incorporated.

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  • Jiro's name is a combination of two famous manga artists, Osamu Tezuka and Jiro Kuwata, the latter of which is famous for creating the superhero 8 Man and a 1966 Batman manga series made during the '66 television series run in Japan.
  • The design of Jiro's costume is loosely based on the manga version of Kamen Rider 1 and Battle Kenya from Battle Fever J.[1]


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